hello! i'm sunny.

I am a writer and editor living in Austin, Texas. Currently, I am the digital editor of the Texas Observer, a nonprofit magazine covering politics and culture in Texas, and co-editor of Preachy, a forthcoming website about introspection and contemporary spirituality from the Brick House. I also helped found Green House, an event series from the before-times aimed at creating what Naomi Klein calls an “infrastructure of care.” In the case of Green House, that meant a designated space for discussing participants’ relationships with the earth and each other.

My writing has appeared in some regional publications, including the Observer and Texas Standard. I have otherwise worked as an archivist, a bookseller, and a dog walker, among other gigs. I hold a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of work, I like to ride my bike, make silly websites, and tend to my yard.

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